About the Art

About the Art

Stained Glass is the most amazing art form to me. It has been around for {centuries/millennia} and will be here long after you and I are gone. It is timeless, beautiful, functional and expressive. From initial design concepts to picking colors (or no color) and textures to clarity there is a myriad of options that is almost too great to fathom.

This is the most challenging and most rewarding Art I have ever created. It takes imagination, creativity, and a whole lot of patience to create these works. There is no hurrying stained glass. The glass itself is the main character, and is very unforgiving. Choosing it well is the most important part of making a great work of art in stained glass.

It is not just what color…there are so many variations of each, even within a single sheet of glass, that choosing the correct part of that perfect piece of glass can make or break the feeling or statement portrayed in a panel.

I love creating a custom piece specifically for someone. To find or create a design they want; combining just the right glass to make it say what they want- or to go with the place they want to put it. I find these projects the most satisfying. Anyone who knows me knows I relish a good challenge and stained glass gives me plenty of that!


I know in the world of glass, fused glass is considered ‘warm’ BUT [imho] anything that bakes at nearly 1500 degrees IS HOT!!!

I resisted going this direction but the glass was calling me to go there, what a trip. I am loving this and cannot stop thinking of new things I want to do with this whole new avenue of creativity.

Come back often to see what’s here. I have just started posting, this will be an ongoing effort- there will be new stuff added as I get the pic’s and the time. Thanks for stopping by!