About the Artist

Susan White

I was born with a creative artistic spirit and have been blessed to be able to find my talent and use it to create art in many forms. I have carved wood; painted in oils; and done pencil sketches. For many years I used my abilities in food art by creating sculpted art cakes and wedding cakes.

Nothing I have ever done can touch  Glass Art! This is a whole different world of art. It constantly challenges me to use the gifts of talent I have to bring joy to others. With an eye for detail and a feel for color this art touches my soul. When I see the finished piece- especially with the light behind- it I am just amazed. BUT the look on the face of the one who receives it…THAT is what is the most rewarding.

Susan White

I hope you will find the joy in  Glass Art that can color your world. I would be honored to create your custom  Glass project; from sun-catchers to full windows. All clear with different textures or all the colors of the rainbow…and then some- the possibilities are endless. We can match over the door windows and sidelights or small gifts that will mean so much more than anything you can buy off a store shelf.

   The line of Fused Glass items is endless- bowls, plates, windchimes, and many other “funtional art” pieces make wonderful unique gifts or home accents.  I love to make custom designed glass art to match your decor- or for your special gift to someone special.

Thank you for visiting My Stained Glass Lady!

Susan White
Glass Artisan